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In the latter part of 2019 Trafalgar Golf Club launched a development program for women wanting to give golf a go.

The 8-week program, Tee Up @ Traf, was a resounding success with 21 exceptionally keen women bravely taking on the challenge as beginner golfers.

The journey from “I’d like to give golf a go” to putting a ball into a hole was a road well-travelled for these women. Faced with the nervousness that goes with being a beginner, meeting new people and learning the fundamentals of golf, they all reported the experience as being very positive in a relaxed non-threatening environment. Participants were well supported with expert coaching from Golf Australia Regional Development Officer – Darren Cole, PGA Instructor – Craig McIntosh, and Trafalgar Golf Club President – Stewart Cluning, in addition there was terrific mentor encouragement from friendly and welcoming club members.

Participants reported the following:

It’s been fun to be with a great bunch of ladies.

The sessions were really enjoyable.

I had no idea Trafalgar had such a beautiful well-maintained golf course.

The instructors have been great – very patient. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming.

I was slightly reluctant to join up but did so because my husband was keen for me to try it and I have to say, as frustrated as I get (with myself) I am a little bit hooked. I have enjoyed coming out with a few on the girls on a Friday and with my husband on a Sunday and putting into practice what we have been taught the previous lessons.

Tee Up @ Traf 2019 received financial support from the VicHealth Active Club Grant program and the This Girl Can – Victoria campaign.

When the program concluded in December all participants were considering their next golfing destination. For some it may be as members playing mid-week or on weekends, others will take tentative steps with social play as green fee players or enjoying twilight golf and a meal at the clubhouse on a Thursday evening.

Following the huge success of the Tee Up @ Traf and Juniors golf clinics in 2019, Trafalgar Golf Club is considering new initiatives in 2020 that will enable others to enjoy a great course and friendly club atmosphere.

If you are interested in giving golf a go, please contact the club, Ph 5633 11110

More information about Trafalgar Golf Club can be found on the club website and Facebook page. Image

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